The small town of Avenel is steeped in history and boasts one of provincial Victoria's most impressive bridges in the six-arch, stone crossing of Hughes Crees built by Hugh Dalrymple in 1850.

Avenel is a stunning provincial delight that will keep film makers coming back again and again.


The area was settled in the 1830s and Henry Kent Hughes named his property 'Avenel' after a village in Gloucestershire, England. It was used in the title of a popular novel at the time - 'the Maid of Avenel'.

The township was established in 1849 when the government offered land for sale adjacent a ford over Hughes Creek which had, for some years, been used as a camping place by drovers and teamsters travelling on the Old Sydney Road, established in 1839 as the overland mail route between Melbourne and Sydney.

Avenel grew rapidly as gold prospectors poured north driven by dreams of riches on the goldfields. By 1859 a substantial stone bridge had been built to meet the needs of the increased traffic. Around this time the Royal Mail Hotel was built near the bridge.

Avenel's most famous citizen was Ned Kelly whose family moved to Avenel in the 1860's and lived there until Ned's father died. 

Places of interest

WB Gadd Antiques

Avenel Butchers (old fashioned butchers)
Avenel Maze
Thyme and Place
The Bridge
Royal Mail Hotel
Plunkett's Winery
Harvest Home


Avenel offers a small range of accommodation including two hotels and a bed and breakfast.

For more information on accommodation call 03 5794 7263.

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Town statistics

Population 550
Distance from Melbourne 119 kilometres, 80 miles and 1 hour 20 minutes driving time
Road access Hume Freeway

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