The environment of Victoria supports high-standard farming. The wheat paddy turns golden from green and offers the majestic view of the farmlands. Several movie directors have shot these gorgeous looking wheat paddies in their films for showcasing romance and action. Apart from the farmlands, one agricultural land that creates waves on-screen are the wineries.

The sweet-smell of grapefruit in the valley offers a picture perfect look. The mix of green and red grapes gives a classic look of the agricultural land of Victoria. The filmmakers wish to capture the original beauty. Hence we have seen dairy farms, fishing and countryside view of Victoria State in several movies.

The living of people in the State still lies strongly on the agricultural sector. Adding value to this is the pro-agricultural climatic conditions yield high-quality farm products. Various movie directors showcased the freshness of Victorian agriculture. Thus, this place is chosen by the filmmakers in Australia very often.

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