The environment of Victoria supports high-standard farming. The wheat paddy turns golden from green and offers the majestic view of the farmlands. Several movie directors have shot these gorgeous looking wheat paddies in their films for showcasing romance and action. Apart from the farmlands, one agricultural land that creates waves on-screen are the wineries. The […]


The Victoria State, of Australia, is full of beauty. Then be it nature, buildings, streets or infrastructure. But, one thing that makes the state stand different from others is its artistic look. MCEC – Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Center is a set of two buildings located on the bank of famous Yarra River. Situated in […]


Bendigo is a city of Victoria State located around 150 kilometers away from the capital city Melbourne. The uprooting of gold in this region made the place famous in the entire country. This area saw a huge increase in the number of migrants from all over the world in search of gold. This era is […]


Great Oatway National Park is located in the Barwon South West region of Victoria State. The park is widely spread in 162 kilometers of the Melbourne city. The dense vegetation and naturally crafted landscapes of the region make it look beautiful. This National Park is situated in the Otway Range of the Southern West area […]