Victoria is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for travellers, food lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. The state is famous for the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles, which can take your breath away. The place’s astounding beauty, world-class infrastructure, and exceptional hospitality make it popular among filmmakers.

Victoria has several attractions that can be used well in movies. From the Shrine of Remembrance and Melbourne Skydeck to Phillip Island and Yarra Valley, it has everything that film directors require to create iconic visuals. Here is a list of the best film locations in Victoria that can be explored.

Beaches and Lush Greenery

The Great Ocean Road is the best place for filming if the storyline is based near the coast with cliffs and rocks. Mesmerising onlookers with its breathtaking beauty, the location has beaches, waterfalls, national parks, wildlife and lakes. The location also has many accommodation options for the crew members to enjoy a relaxed stay. The region is also well known for the stunning 12 Apostles, volcanic lakes, hot springs, and adventures in the wilderness.

Architectural Marvels

Besides exploring the state’s natural beauty, many mansions and galleries can be used to shoot artistic movies and epic dramas. The public and official buildings are perfect for espionage films and political dramas that grip the audience. The Victorian structures offer a glimpse of old English and Western landscapes. These include Brighton Town Hall, Benjeroop Public Hall, Ballarat Town Hall, etc.

National Park and Vineyards

Many films have an idyllic and tranquil backdrop that can be effectively portrayed by exploring Victoria’s film locations. The countryside settings can be found along the mountains, fields, paddocks and vineyards. The state is home to the Alpine National Park, Baw Baw National Park, Blue Range Farm, Chateau Mildura Winery, Andrew Peace Wines, etc.

Views of Varied Backdrops

The best part about filming in Victoria is that the state offers every flavour and setting needed for different types of films. If it is a period drama, the state has many locations resembling the 60s, 70s and 80s. The vintage structures and Art Deco architecture help create different eras with ease. It offers the perfect surroundings for shooting science fiction, epic dramas or jungle-themed movies. The creativity exuding from these locations is unmatched.

Modern City and Infrastructure

Whether the filmmaker wishes to display a quiet suburb or a happening city bustling with commercial activity, Victoria has all film locations. The Century Building, Docklands Drive, Federation Square and GPO Bourke Street can be used to showcase high-end cities with state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities. The Melbourne CBD and the commercial precincts can become an ideal backdrop for a corporate-based film.

Studios and Filming Locations

Besides the outdoor shoots, Victoria’s film locations include top-quality studios with expert technicians and equipment. These include Docklands Studios, Muse Studio, Castaway Studios, Ripe Studios, etc. Many bars, restaurants, mansions and houses are also offered for rent to shoot movies and TV series.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning to explore Victoria’s film locations, you must check the places mentioned in the list above. These are the top favourite sites of locals and travellers in the state that can be used for making beautiful films.        

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