The Darby beach is a river body of the country. This river flows in the Latrobe Range and blends in the Whisky Bay in the Bass Strait. The lush green farms on the both sides of this river make it a perfect winter holidays. The bright sunshine and the cool breeze running from one shore […]


This beach something more than natural water body to the country. The beach is famous for its history. Canada Bay, the name speaks for itself. This exotic beach honors the relationship between Australia and Canada. The prisoners during the Lower Canada Rebellion 1837 were deported to this Island country. The prisoners were entitled to stone […]

This beach is popular amongst the actors and the filmmakers for its beautiful coastline. Located on the northern side of the Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, this beach serves as a perfect holiday destination. Being the part of Northern Beaches Council, this splendid beach was renamed from Pittwater region to Avalon beach in […]


Located in the Geelong region of the Victoria state, this beach is a famous amongst the tourist visiting this part of the country. The crystal clear water of this beach makes it one of the hot film shooting destinations. Every famous beach is famous for something or the other. The activity that makes Bancoora Beach […]