Located in the Geelong region of the Victoria state, this beach is a famous amongst the tourist visiting this part of the country. The crystal clear water of this beach makes it one of the hot film shooting destinations. Every famous beach is famous for something or the other.

The activity that makes Bancoora Beach a must visit spot is surfing. Here, people can enjoy water sports adventure under the trained professionals. Filmmakers find this location a perfect one for shooting songs, romance and action sequences. As the breeze running in the north and northwest direction adds natural warmness to the movies.

Another thing that involves the film directors with Bancoora Beach is the water sports adventure. The surfing on high water waves gives a thrilling experience to the non-swimmers as well under the expert guidance. Another feature that draws the attention is the naturally crafted rocks in the ocean’s heart. These giant-sized rocks prevent the breeze running from the southern end of the beach.

The lifeguard’s vigil during the summer season and the visitors are advised to get accompanied by an expert during rest of the time.

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