Victoria is a beautiful state known for its beaches and natural abundance. It offers an amalgamation of different views and settings, including buzzing commercial precincts, idyllic wilderness, exotic wildlife, scintillating waters and lush forests. It has everything a filmmaker needs to portray a pretty picture to the audience.

Whether it is a sci-fi series, epic theme movie or romantic comedy, Victoria’s film locations can transport the viewers into a different world. The state has been vividly captured in popular movies like The Castle and Mad Max. Here is why filming in Victoria is highly beneficial for directors and producers.

Australian Screen Production Incentive

Every production filming in Australia can take advantage of tax incentives for filming a movie, TV series or other visual productions. The producer offset offers a 40% rebate on eligible feature films and 30% on other formats that have considerable Australian content. Large-budget movies and series shot in Australia can get a location offset of 30% from 2023. In addition, there is a 30% rebate for work involving post, digital and visual effects production in the country. It helps the producers to save money.

The Victorian Screen Industry Code of Conduct

The Victorian Screen Industry Code of Conduct is a free recommendation from Film Victoria. The optional resource is highly beneficial for production houses operating in the state. It lays down the obligatory regulations that must be followed according to the Victorian law. Production houses should adopt the Code for compliance. It provides details related to location agreements and film permits and helps in the process of production and filming.

The National Guidelines for Screen Safety

Production and filming can lead to workplace accidents because of the stunts and set designs. The screen safety guidelines help producers and filmmakers reduce risks during the shoot at Victoria’s film locations. It helps the workforce involved with the production to maintain health and safety standards, which ensure a risk-free production. In addition, there is the Safe Workplace Statement that ensures the filming workplaces are safe for and promote mental wellness.

Film-Friendly Guidelines in Victoria

The film-friendly guidelines are meant for the local councils and public agencies in Victoria to make them respond effectively to filming requests made by producers. It helps producers get approvals for shooting on Victoria’s film locations covered by the Filming Approval Act 2014. The filmmakers can also negotiate alternative locations and dates for the shooting. The producers and directors working with Indigenous people also need to follow the guide for working with the community.

Learning Opportunities for Film Enthusiasts

Many film enthusiasts wish to attend a school or educational institution to hone their filmmaking skills. They can do it while working on films in Victoria. There are several colleges offering undergraduate and post-graduate programs in film and television courses. These include the University of Melbourne, Deakin University, RMIT School of Media and Communication, etc. The production houses coming to explore Victoria’s film locations can hire crew members from these colleges to have a skilled team onboard.

Wrapping Up

Victoria is a filming-friendly place with several locations that can be used by filmmakers to create beautiful stories. The state offers various opportunities for making the production work easy and efficient.

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