The Victoria State, of Australia, is full of beauty. Then be it nature, buildings, streets or infrastructure. But, one thing that makes the state stand different from others is its artistic look.
MCEC – Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Center is a set of two buildings located on the bank of famous Yarra River. Situated in the inner suburbs of the Melbourne city, this place attracts the largest crowd-puller. The place holds seminars, meetings and conferences apart from exhibitions on different issues.

The center was opened on 14th February 1996 and is maintained by The Melbourne Exhibition Center Trust. Denton Corker Marshall, an architectural company, crafted the MECE in the heart of the city. The sharp blade like the entrance of this building makes it a must visit.

Pink Lakes – Lake Hardy and Lake Crosbie. These two lakes are named Pink lakes because of their color. A red-colored carotene lies under the algae is visible in the early morning and late evenings. The water evaporation leaves salt on the sand that causes a reaction and results in a change of sand color to pink. Tourists come from all over the world to capture this beauty in their memories forever.

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