Bendigo is a city of Victoria State located around 150 kilometers away from the capital city Melbourne. The uprooting of gold in this region made the place famous in the entire country. This area saw a huge increase in the number of migrants from all over the world in search of gold. This era is an epic part of many movies that showcase the industrialization of this place. Bendigo is usually shot for showcasing the business and industrial view in the movies.

Other than this, the place is a hotspot for tourists. Moviemakers love to capture the popular landmarks of this city. Such as Central Deborah Gold Mine, Bendigo Tramways, and Golden Dragon Museum. The one location that is usually shown in movies is Bendigo Pottery of this city.

Banana Alley is a business vault used to store farm products before the market opens. This location is also visible in various movies as a business place where a lot of action and trade has been shot. Located on the northern bank of Yarra River, this building was opened for trade in 1893. The famous Spencer Street Bridge built in the 1930s is assumed to be the reason of the building’s downfall.

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