Explore the scenic beauty of the Victoria state on the camera. The art gallery, natural sites & historical landmarks have made their mark in almost every film industry.


Como House & Garden

This historical house was constructed in the year 1847 for Sir Edward Eyre Williams. The construction was carried out by the Associated Gardens of Stonington, Victoria. Now, the mansion has turned into a tourist destination by the National Trust of Australia (NAT). The garden is open for sightseeing from Monday to Saturday every week. However, […]

Chatsworth House

This amazingly built palace was the residence of Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. The mansion had witnessed 16 generations of the Cavendish family down the lane. The contemporary design, modern water foundations and artistic sculpture work of this place make it famous amongst the filmmakers. One thing that makes the palace different is the lavish […]

Beleura House & Garden

This place was a perfect holiday destination for the famous Tallis family of Australia. Mr. John Tallis wanted to turn this home into a museum. However, his wish was fulfilled after his death in 1996. The designer interiors, exquisite garden, and lounge design attract a number of people here today. This location hosts educational and […]

Barwon Park Manor

Constructed in 1871, this mansion add-up to the beauty of Victoria State. Thomas Austin with wife Elizabeth shifted to this beautifully crafted mansion soon after their wedding. Spread in a huge area, the palace comprises of 40 plus rooms for accommodation. The sudden death of Thomas Austin, Constructed with the blue stone, the Baron Park […]



The Darby beach is a river body of the country. This river flows in the Latrobe Range and blends in the Whisky Bay in the Bass Strait. The lush green farms on the both sides of this river make it a perfect winter holidays. The bright sunshine and the cool breeze running from one shore […]


This beach something more than natural water body to the country. The beach is famous for its history. Canada Bay, the name speaks for itself. This exotic beach honors the relationship between Australia and Canada. The prisoners during the Lower Canada Rebellion 1837 were deported to this Island country. The prisoners were entitled to stone […]

Avalon Beach

This beach is popular amongst the actors and the filmmakers for its beautiful coastline. Located on the northern side of the Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, this beach serves as a perfect holiday destination. Being the part of Northern Beaches Council, this splendid beach was renamed from Pittwater region to Avalon beach in […]

Bancoora Beach

Located in the Geelong region of the Victoria state, this beach is a famous amongst the tourist visiting this part of the country. The crystal clear water of this beach makes it one of the hot film shooting destinations. Every famous beach is famous for something or the other. The activity that makes Bancoora Beach […]


Toorongo Falls

The Toorongo Falls amalgamates two rivers of the Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. One is the Toorongo River, and the Little Toorongo River blends here. This portrait looking waterfall lay on the east of Melbourne. This naturally designed water body is at distance of few-hour-drive from the Capital city. The connecting rocks appearance between waterfalls offers the […]

Hopetoun Falls

The Hopetoun Falls is one of its kinds. The famous waterfall falls across the Aire River situated in The Otways region of Victoria, Australia. This waterfall falls from the top and gets submerged into the river flowing through the dense forest. The visitors enjoy trekking experience while climbing to the highest level of the famous […]

Nigretta Falls

The Nigretta Falls offers a breathtaking view as it falls after running through a long river. The Wannon River is situated  in the Grampians  Mountains of Australia. The plain plot of the famous Nigretta Falls has made the filmmakers must shoot in this area. Nigretta Falls gives a simple,  quiet flowing river view with the […]

Erskine Falls

This aesthetic waterfall is located in one of the National Park of the Victoria region of Australia. The dense green vegetation around this waterfall adds feather to its beauty. Erskine Falls is popular in the film fraternity of the country due to its location. Yes, the National Park is listed as one of the best […]


docklands Victoria

This place is located in the inner suburb locality of the city. Dockland holds fishery port as well as the cargo ones. It is just two kilometers away from the Central Business District [CBD] of the Melbourne city. The filmmakers love this spot for shooting action sequences. Reaching the Dockland is quite easy. As the […]

Tunnel Hill Railway

The bunch of tunnels in Victoria State is artistically designed and offers best transport location for film shooting. The state comprises of ten tunnels in total, although they are located on different lines. Such as Main Line tunnels, Branch Line tunnels, Metropolitan tunnels and Narrow-gauge tunnels. The Main Line tunnels were constructed by a private […]

Central Gardens

Renowned as the Garden city, Melbourne has a number of Central Gardens that pave the way to connect with different suburbs. Some are close to CBD while some are located in the outer suburbs of the city. The best things about these gardens are the plants rooted here. The beautifully grown plants properly shaped and […]

caulfield Racecourse

Caulfield Racecourse is the most famous horse-racking tracks of the Melbourne city in Australia. This racing track has been filmed in large a number of movies and is popularly called as ‘The Health’ between the locals. The centric-location of this Caulfield Racecourse made it the first choice for the filmmakers. The track is only eight […]



Flinders railway station is located in the middle of two streets named Flinders and Swanston streets respectively in Melbourne. Laid on the Metropolitan line, this is the busiest station in Australia. Another feature that helped attracts the filmmakers here is being the busiest railway station in Australia. The terminus was signaled open by the Lt. […]

Burnley Railway Station

Burnley Railways Station caters to the people residing in the inner suburbs of the Melbourne city. The station was named Burnley after the opening of Burnley Street on 01st May 1880. The station falls on the three lines that are Lilydale, Belgrave, Alamein and Glen Waverly line of the Victoria State. The Ashworth Improvement Plan […]


Crib Point railway station is one of the busiest railway stations of the Melbourne city. Located on the Stony Point line in Victoria State this railway station serves between the Crib Point and HMAS Cerberus town. The station was declared open for public on 17th December 1889. This station is a favorite filmmaking destination as […]

Cliffton Hill Train Station

Clifton Hill railway station is situated on the South Morang and Hurstbridge lines of the Victoria State, Australia. The station was inaugurated on 8th May 1888 with the motive to serve the North-Eastern suburbs of the Melbourne city. The Clifton Hill railway station acts as a junction for interchanging the railway lines. A fire mishap […]


Elizabeth Street Melbourne

This is the most famous street of the Melbourne city. The street is named after the spouse of Governor Richard Bourke. Elizabeth Street is popular for retail shopping, automobile, and camera. Apart from residents, tourists also choose this street for shopping over the other. This street is a part of hundreds of movies because of […]

Dorcas Street South Melbourne

Located in the inner suburb of Melbourne, the region holds its ancient value even after getting renovated. The area is famous for its old-styled streets. The region was known as the Emerald Hill when it received the status of Full Municipality. Embellished with blue-stone the market area comprising of cafes, grocery shops, fine-dine restaurants and […]

Barkly Street Footscray

Footscray is a western suburb of the Melbourne city. Governed by the Local Government Area of Maribyrnong the street is only five kilometers away from Melbourne CBD [Central Business District]. The multicultural lifestyle of this place showcases the easy going nature of the city. The Footscray area is home to migrants basically from Greek, Italy, […]

Arnold Street Princes Hill

Named after the Price of Wales, this street lies in the inner suburb of the Melbourne city. The Local Government Authority of Yarra City maintains the street. This street is famous for its beautiful design and its proximity to Central Business District [CBD] Melbourne. The wide clean roads and greenery on the sides make this […]