The Nigretta Falls offers a breathtaking view as it falls after running through a long river. The Wannon River is situated  in the Grampians  Mountains of Australia. The plain plot of the famous Nigretta Falls has made the filmmakers must shoot in this area. Nigretta Falls gives a simple,  quiet flowing river view with the juggling sound of water falling from a certain height.

The other feature of Nigretta Falls reflects a quite design that allows the water front to flow through different loops. The marvelous design of this fall takes the breath away with milk like water falling from a small height. Another thing that grabs the eyeballs of the filmmakers here is the wildlife of the region. The dry, and rustic beauty of this place makes it a part of several movies.

The best thing about Nigretta Falls is the table-top view of waterfalls, accommodation to relax along with barbecue facility to curb the hunger.  The washrooms maintained by the Government in the National Park opens the door for shooting inside.

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