Erskine Fall

This aesthetic waterfall is located in one of the National Park of the Victoria region of Australia. The dense green vegetation around this waterfall adds feather to its beauty. Erskine Falls is popular in the film fraternity of the country due to its location. Yes, the National Park is listed as one of the best National Parks of Australia and offers complete wild experience to the visitors.

Erskine Falls got the most amazing view out of the fourteen waterfalls located in this National Park. This waterfall is presumed to carry the amalgamation of rivers flowing through the region. This dry rainforest preserves various plants from getting Extinct. This waterfall keeps the plants such as Hibiscus Heterophyllus, Ficus Macrophylla, Olea Paniculata and Eucalyptus Melliodora alive even during the global-warming.

The beautiful rock formations deep inside the National Park attract the filmmakers to shoot the horror and haunted type of subjects here. The bushfire caused due to lightening burnt a big portion of this place.

The dense vegetation of this place offers shelter to various animal and plants. Thus, the famous Erskine Falls provide huge scenic beauty to capture in the film.

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