The Hopetoun Falls is one of its kinds. The famous waterfall falls across the Aire River situated in The Otways region of Victoria, Australia. This waterfall falls from the top and gets submerged into the river flowing through the dense forest. The visitors enjoy trekking experience while climbing to the highest level of the famous Hopetoun Falls. The Walking trail, Overcliff, and Undercliff Walk set the plot of a perfect movie.

Another reason at attracts the directors here is the town close to the waterfall. Yes, the accommodation and parking facility gives a shelter place for the film crew. This waterfall is located in the middle of Apollo Bay and Beach Forest. This makes reaching here a comfortable journey.

The table-top view of this waterfall takes away the breath for a minute. This encourages the filmmakers to shoot romantic, songs and serious scenes for the move here.  The construction of staircase for climbing up to the top by the maintenance authority makes the visit a memorable one.

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