Great Oatway National Park is located in the Barwon South West region of Victoria State. The park is widely spread in 162 kilometers of the Melbourne city. The dense vegetation and naturally crafted landscapes of the region make it look beautiful. This National Park is situated in the Otway Range of the Southern West area of Melbourne. The cleanliness and greenery of the Park is maintained by the Park Victoria authority. Habitation of Rufous Bristlebirds, Striated Feildwerns and Pink Robbins with hundred others attracts the filmmakers to capture the natural beauty of this Park in the moving camera.

Lake Daylesford located in the Spa city of the Victoria State.  Situated in the Great Dividing Range of Shrine Hepburn the place showcases the mystic beauty of the natural water body. The calmness of Lake Daylesford offers perfect environment to unwind yourself. One thing that attracts the moviemakers here is the history of this lake. Alluvial Gold mine lies beneath the lake. Yes, in 1851 an Irish migrant found this mine which was later dig by more than three thousand people.

The National Parks and Lakes located in the Victoria State have turned eyeballs of many movie directors to portray this region beautifully.

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