Renowned as the Garden city, Melbourne has a number of Central Gardens that pave the way to connect with different suburbs. Some are close to CBD while some are located in the outer suburbs of the city. The best things about these gardens are the plants rooted here. The beautifully grown plants properly shaped and designed cut through the way of different locations of the capital city.

Carless La Trobe, the first superintendent of the Port Philip region, ordered to leave land open for developing parks and central gardens. These places were then turned into beautiful grasslands with different lanes for walking and bicycling.

These lush-green routes are the favorite spot for the movie directors for shooting romantic scenes. The natural beauty of these gardens allows the filmmakers to capture to morning and evening essence of the location the most. As we have seen some actors and actresses cycling or walking through these areas in the movies.

The Australian filmmakers have captured the beauty of Fitzroy Garden, Royal Botanic Garden, and Carlton Gardens down south. The bright sunshine drizzling through the lush greenery of these gardens are the amazing locations for a movie shoot.

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