This historical house was constructed in the year 1847 for Sir Edward Eyre Williams. The construction was carried out by the Associated Gardens of Stonington, Victoria. Now, the mansion has turned into a tourist destination by the National Trust of Australia (NAT). The garden is open for sightseeing from Monday to Saturday every week. However, those wishing to take an educational trip to this place must visit here on weekends.

This beautiful landscape mansion is situated in South Yarra of Victoria State. Como House & Garden has seen three different owners who encased its beauty to safe themselves from financial loss. Sir Edward Eyer Williams, the first owner of the mansion sold this place a famous investor Frederick Dalgety.

Charles Armytage the last owner of this mansion, lived here with the family for more than 90 years. After his death, the family sold the famous Como House and Garden to the National Trust of Australia in the year 1959.

Opening Time:- 9:00 Am to 5:00 PM

Open all seven days

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