This place was a perfect holiday destination for the famous Tallis family of Australia. Mr. John Tallis wanted to turn this home into a museum. However, his wish was fulfilled after his death in 1996. The designer interiors, exquisite garden, and lounge design attract a number of people here today. This location hosts educational and historical importance to the residents of Vitoria State.
Jack Morton Tallis was so much close to his home, that he appointed trustees to maintain and manage the beauty of this place after his death.
The drawing room, furniture, garden and antiques of Tallis family has always attracted people to this place. Hence, this place is now turned into a memorial. The aesthetic beauty of garden makes this place the best mansion of the state.
Located in the residential area, the visitors have to book tickets to visit this place. The guides here provide in-depth information about the Tallis family and their contribution to the country.

Opening Time:- 10:00 Am to 4:00 PM

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