Crib Point railway station is one of the busiest railway stations of the Melbourne city. Located on the Stony Point line in Victoria State this railway station serves between the Crib Point and HMAS Cerberus town. The station was declared open for public on 17th December 1889.

This station is a favorite filmmaking destination as the freight yard at the back of this station offer the best view. Although, the local authority changed the station’s design and constructed sitting shelter for the passengers a decade after.

The Metro Trains’ Stony point Line services provide the platform and other regular services at the station. Situated in the green valley the Crib Point railway station is nature’s treat to the visitors.

The establishment of Crib Point railway station has made traveling easier. As the Ventura Bus line play on the route via Crib point. The bus and rail transport passing through the area has open doors for business and job opportunities as well.

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