Burnley Railways Station caters to the people residing in the inner suburbs of the Melbourne city. The station was named Burnley after the opening of Burnley Street on 01st May 1880. The station falls on the three lines that are Lilydale, Belgrave, Alamein and Glen Waverly line of the Victoria State.

The Ashworth Improvement Plan 1943, increased the reach of Burnley railway station by letting the track cross over the famous Hawthorn bound line. This station also saw some technology-enabled changes such as signal boxes and grade separator, and quadruple track. The station comprises of four platforms out of which, platform number One and Two leads to Flinders Street. The Three and Four number platform Lilydale, Belgrave, Alamein and Glen Waverly line.

The Burnley railway station is easy to reach by Yarra Trams. This tram operates through the station while helping the travelers reach their destination hassle-free.

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