The Darby beach is a river body of the country. This river flows in the Latrobe Range and blends in the Whisky Bay in the Bass Strait. The lush green farms on the both sides of this river make it a perfect winter holidays. The bright sunshine and the cool breeze running from one shore to another makes this a romantic place of the country.

This water body is sought as a perfect destination to showcase action and emotion together in the movie. The exquisite beauty of this riverfront inspires the moviemakers. Darby riverfront is best to visit at any time of the day. Enjoy early sunrise, afternoon, sunsets and the night stay.

Located in the vicinity of Wilson’s Promontory National Park, this river is home to a variety of aquatic lives. The South Gippsland Shire maintains the river and the park. The night stay here now depends upon the weather, as the floods of March 2011 made the visitors stranded until a helicopter rescue operation was ordered to evacuate them. The heavy rains caused floods that year which also damaged the Wilson Promontory Road passing through.

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